Why choose our jam?

With many jam producers out there, why choose our jam?  Here are a few reasons that you might want to consider:

  • British Fruit is our priority:  We want to use British produce in our jam production because not only does it taste fantastic but it cuts down on food miles.  All our blackcurrants, rapsberries, strawberries, damsons, gooseberries, redcurrants, apples, plums, blackberries and rhubarb to name but a few, come from Britain.
  • Jam packed: Unlike large scale commercial jam production, our jam has a very high fruit content, 45% or more in the majority of jars, which means that it can rightfully call itself ‘extra’ jam.  In addition, less sugar means a  fruity taste.
  • Small scale: We make our jam in small batches and open pans right here in Sarah’s kitchen in Bolton.  Therefore we can pay attention to the detail of each batch and ensure that quality remains high.
  • Local: We try to source as much of our fruit from north west producers and markets.  for example, our rhubarb, gooseberries and many of our blackcurrants come from Bolton.  We are also keen to buy from markets and wholesalers in the North West particularly Bolton Market and Smithfield Market in Manchester. We are in the process of developing relationships with producers  so that we can source even more of our fruit from the North West in future
  • Seasonal fruit: Not sure about jam?  think you don’t like it?  Time to try our version.  Our jam is made from quality produce, picked at the height of the season and added in large quantities.  We want to change ideas about jam that by spreading our jam! to as many new people as possible
  • Proudly made in Bolton: its not grim up North,  it’s jamin’!  There is a fantastic range of good local produce in Bolton and the North West and we aim to make the most of it in our jam.

2 thoughts on “Why choose our jam?

  1. Lovely strawberry and rhubarb jam!! Just had a dollop on some sponge cake!! Yum yum, love the Thetfords x x x x x

    • We are delighted that you enjoyed it! Its one of our favourites. Made with Bolton grown rhubarb and Scottish strawberries. You can also ‘like us’ on facebook at iheartjam and keep up to date on all our latest news. Love Sarah and Lisa xxx

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