5 star ratingSeasonal 

We strive to make the most of British seasonal produce.   This gives our customers the chance to try interesting produce when its in season, like our Autumnal hedgerow jelly made from foraged fruit or our strawberry and rhubarb which oozes summer sunshine!   We also hope that using seasonal produce will help to reduce our environmental impact.  Have a look at our current list of flavours for more information.  


All our home-made jam and award winning marmalade is made by hand in Bolton, England by Sarah and Lisa.  The Jam is made in small batches in open pans and we have lots of fun experimenting with new flavours and recipes.  In addition, we are keen to support our local economy by buying as much of our fruit as possible from local producers, markets and wholesalers.

Jammed full of flavour

Our jam has a very high fruit content, normally 50% or more, which means all our jam can be called ‘extra’ jam.  The high fruit content gives our jam a fabulous rich taste and we strive to blend interesting and exciting fruit combination depending on the season.  We never use any artificial preservatives, flavours or gelling agents, relying entirely on the qualities of the fruit we use to achieve a set.  Our marmalades contain unwaxed lemons and are made using both the traditional ‘sliced fruit method’, where the fruit is sliced and soaked overnight to soften the fruit and create a jewel like finish, and the ‘whole fruit method’ where the fruit is cooked whole and then sliced. 

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